Prevention Of Back And Neck Pain

The moment you have a back pain once, chances are you’re going encounter it again. That is why it’s important to commit to long term care and treatment procedures.

What Are The Causes Of Back Pain?

You can have back pain at any time, but most of the times it happen after you have engaged yourself in unusual physical activity such as lifting a heavy material. When you have back pain you can’t perform most tasks whether at home or in the office.  Some of the causes of back pain as revealed by the institute of arthritis include; accidents, lifting heavy materials, falls, fractures, injuries to your discs, herniated discs, muscular tension and sprains. Other diseases also can lead to back pain like kidney stones and arthritis. Narrowing the spinal canal can also cause back pain this is called stenosis.

How To Avoid Back Pain

 Avoid Sitting For A Long Time In The Same Position

The best way to prevent back pain is to stretch your body parts on a regular basis. And the best way to stretch your body is by exercise, simple exercise like walking and swimming can help you to prevent back pain. Any exercise that’s painful should be stopped immediately. It is not a good idea to let your spine remain in static position; you have to be moving around every short period of time. You should not stay in the same position for more than one hour, every hour you should consider walking around. Gently twist your body in different directions. Make sure the chair you’re sitting at work is very comfortable more especially if you spend long hours at the office.

Stand Comfortably

Standing for long time also causes back pain. If you really must stand that long, you should at least consider sitting down for a while, just a few minutes are OK before you stand again. Try bending down to touch your toes. You should consider doing anything that will loosen your joints and muscles.

Sleep In The Right Position

Recommended sleeping position is to lie on your back and put a pillow beneath your knees. You can also lie on the right side and place a pillow in-between your knees. Don’t sleep on your stomach; there will be more pressure on the spine.  Don’t forget good health insurance find rates here

Helpful Tips

* Exercise on a regular basis.

* Always sit or stand in a good posture position.

*Avoid heavy lifting. If you have to lift any heavy material make sure your back is straight with your knees lowered.